Day Habilitation

Lifelinks Day Habilitation

Life's WORC currently provides Day Habilitation services at six locations. The Queens programs are located in Glendale and Queens Village; the Long Island programs are located in Garden City and Old Bethpage, East Rockaway, and Deer Park. These programs operate from 9:00am to 2:00pm, Monday thru Friday, twelve months per year.  The programs are closed for 10 agency holidays thoughout the year. Day Habilitation Services provide quality vocational training, socialization, and life skills training to individuals. All individuals who attend the program have aged out of High Schools and usually start in the program beginning at age 20 or 21. Program participation on a part time or full time basis is available, subject to opportunities at each location.

Each Day Habilitation program is staffed with a Supervisor and 4 to 5 support staff. There is a 1:5 ratio of staff to individuals at each program. Additional staff is provided to accommodate an increase in program enrollment. There is also a Assistant Director and Director to help oversee the day-to-day activities.

Door to door transportation is provided to and from the Day Habilitation programs by the Life's WORC staff.  We pick up and drop off all the individuals utilizing our agency vehicles.

Within the first 60 days of attending the program, a Person-Centered Individualized Day Habilitation plan is prepared for each individual based on results of a meeting with the individual, his/her family, program staff and the Service Coordinator. The Day Habilitation plan is a blueprint of the valued outcomes the individual wishes to achieve while attending the program. Day Habilitation plans are reviewed on a semi-annual basis to monitor progress on goals. At the meetings, plans are reviewed and can be changed based on an individual's needs and desires.



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