Employer Services

Your business has a need. Let it have a purpose, too.

At Life’s WORC, we believe that all people can contribute to their communities through employment, and we help make it happen. Working with employers throughout Queens and Long Island, we help companies hire people with disabilities—and make a difference in their lives (and yours).

Our customized employment team will work with your business to explore your hiring needs and how you can become an equal opportunity employer. Our placement services encourage people with developmental disabilities and autism to become active members of the workforce through paid internships, while providing tax incentives for your business.

Why hire a person with a developmental disability?

  • They’re dependable and flexible employees who can work in a variety of positions.
  • Their skills can be matched to meet specific employer needs.
  • They will have a personal job coach to assist in their orientation and supervise them as long as necessary.
  • Long-term employees reduce staff turnover costs.
  • Your business may qualify for a tax credit.
  • You will be an equal opportunity employer.


See how many other local businesses are benefiting from participating in our customized employment program. Contact us to see how you can, too.