It’s DSP Appreciation Week!


At Life’s WORC, we love our DSPs. They truly are the backbone of our organization and we look forward each year to celebrate their hard work and dedication to the people we support. Their patience, kindness, and dedication always seems effortless and does not always get the recognition it deserves, so we believe this week of appreciation is warranted in order to showcase their efforts. 

We would like to spotlight one of the stories that details the responsive and compassionate nature of our DSPs. As you can see, our DSPs are special people who care deeply about the men and women we support



We wanted to  acknowledge and thank the staff at Life’s WORC & the FCA for their enormous dedication & compassion by sharing a story of his recent illness and how beautifully they managed to help him recover from a serious condition.

Matt had been doing beautifully but over the course of 3 to 4 days he was becoming very agitated and was trying to self injure more often.

 The staff in his home was concerned.  So on a Sunday night around 9 pm they called their supervisor who decided that since Matt could not tell anyone if something hurt they should bring him to the ER for evaluation.

This was a  life-saving decision by the Lindenhurst Life’s WORC team.

Matt’s CT Scan came back fine but the hospital discovered he had a very serious condition.  

When I arrived at the hospital I walked into the ER and saw Matt in his bed and one of the Life’s WORC staff holding his hand and bending down speaking softly to him. Matt looked so calm that I ducked behind a curtain and slowly backed away. 

 It was so comforting to watch this Life’s WORC staff interacting with Matt so beautifully all the while having no idea that I was watching.  After a while I went outside to sit in the waiting area as I did not want to disrupt this calm and peaceful interaction between Matt and his Lindenhurst staff.

As I sat in the waiting area so many Life’s WORC staff kept coming to check on him. [….] Life’s WORC had a constant stream of their staff working closely with the hospital and his [they] never left his side. Each one was so attentive and kind to Matt and to us. Their kindness gave us so much comfort as his parents. Knowing how hard everyone was working to keep him safe & comfortable..even when they think no one is watching.

 Life’s WORC  did not leave his side. Not for one minute over his four day hospitalization. 

 Life’s WORC decision to seek ER help saved him from kidney damage and probably saved his life.

Thank you for the  wonderful job you do and  the enormous dedication & compassion you show Matt and his housemates everyday. We are so grateful.

– The Zauderer Family