Life’s WORC Geraldo Rivera Classic Honors the Poll Brothers

(Garden City, NY) – Under a bright blue sky, the 29th Annual Geraldo Rivera Golf Classic was held on Thursday, May 12th at Engineers Country Club in Roslyn Harbor, NY. The event raised over $175,000 the most ever for the annual golf event.

George and Gillis Poll ( were the Honorees. And thanks to their efforts, the event sold out early as all 36 foursomes were reserved by May.  The honorees were also instrumental in recruiting Major Sponsors Castagna Realty Company, Empire Merchants and Southern Wines & Spirits all of whom donated $10,000 each. Michael & Lynne Koufakis were the other Major Sponsor and they too donated $10,000. Lynne serves on the Life’s WORC/FCA Board of Directors

This year, for the first time, afternoon cards was offered to anyone interested in lunch and various card games. This effort was spearheaded by Samantha Schneps-Sohmer. Thanks to her efforts, 90 people registered for the card games.

In the evening, a packed ballroom of 250 guests enjoyed the dinner program. Geraldo Rivera spoke eloquently and emotionally about his connection to people with special needs, starting with his expose of the Willowbrook State School. Geraldo was then presented with a portrait of himself which was painted by Alexa Krevatas who participates the Family Center for Autism.  Geraldo held the painting above his head and was genuinely moved by Alexa’s gift.

After Geraldo accepted his gift, he presented Gillis and George Poll with an award. Gills and George commented about their visit to a Life’s WORC home and they applauded the agency for its great work in supporting a special needs population.

It was a beautiful day of golf and a motivating evening as friends and supporters of Life’s WORC gathered to celebrate the agency’s vital mission. For 29 years, Geraldo has been spearheading this annual fundraiser. Each year helping to recruit new friends and supporters.

This year we welcome George and Gills Poll into the Life’s WORC family and we thank them for their great efforts in making the 29th Annual Golf & Tennis Classic our best ever golf event.