Medicaid Service Coordination transition Q&A

As you may be aware, beginning in 2018 the Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) program throughout New York State will transition to a Care Coordination Organization Health Home (CCO/HH) model. The details of the transition process can be a bit confusing, and OPWDD is still developing resources to better inform and educate the public.

In the meantime, COPA, the Coalition of Provider Associations, created a comprehensive Question & Answer document to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions among its members and those who will be affected by the MSC to CCO transition. The information provided offers the most current details available, and helps to explain how OPWDD envisions the CCO program will develop and the impact it will have on you and your loved ones. We wanted to share this with you in hopes that it will help you prepare for the changes ahead.

CLICK HERE to view the Q&A document.

Since the information and details available change often, we strongly recommend that you reach out to your current Medicaid Service Coordinator with any specific questions or concerns. We also recommend you visit the OPWDD Website for ongoing updates related to this change at

We will do our best to share any information we receive with you as well, so be sure to check back often for additional updates.