Medicaid Service Coordination Transitions to Care Management

The long awaited transition from MSC to CCO/HH Care Management successfully launched on July 1.  Under the new model, the Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) program, which was used to help people plan services for the people we support, was replaced by a new and improved program called Health Home Care Management. Life’s WORC is excited to collaborate with ACANY, the Care Coordination Organization (CCO) that the vast majority of the people supported by our MSC Program chose for either Health Home Care Management Services or Basic HCBS Support Services.

This transition was expertly led by Danielle Wellington, Assistant Director of MSC, with support from Kendal Cadet, Assistant Director of MSC. The entire team of Medicaid Service Coordinators worked diligently to ensure every family understood the impact this transition would have on their loved one receiving services. Sincere thanks to all of our MSCs, now known as Care Managers, for ensuring the multitude of readiness activities were completed in time for the July 1 launch.  Special accolades to Ms. Wellington for her supportive leadership throughout the  process. 

Health Home Care Management will continue to provide the service coordination that people were receiving previously, but now also includes the coordination of other services, such as health care, wellness and mental health services through a single individualized Life Plan, which replaces the Individualized Service Plan (ISP).  hose electing Health Home Care Management can expect to work with a Care Manager on the development of a Life Plan that is reviewed biannually.  In addition, the program features a greater use of technology to link services and connect to providers all while anticipating future needs.  

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