Nursing Spotlight

At Life’s WORC, our dedicated nursing staff is critical to the success of our organization, as well as the health and safety of every single person we support. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail is integral to our screening and intake process, proper placement in a suitable home, coordination of healthcare and oversight during illness or injury or the unfortunate incidents of hospitalization.

In honor of Nurses Week, we would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our amazing nurses, and to share a story about our nurses truly live our values here at Life’s WORC.


Marlene Wilson, a registered nurse at our Nubile residence, went above and beyond in recognizing the staff efforts during a difficult situation at the residence. In March, one of the people that lives in the home was discharged from the hospital with a gastronomy tube (G-tube). This was the first resident in this particular home to have a G-tube, and as the staff at this residence never had a G-tube patient and was never trained on how to handle a G-tube. In some situations like this, a person might be discharged to a nursing home for this level of care. Instead, Marlene took the responsibility upon herself, with a little help from her supervisors, and trained all the staff on G-tube care, and went through the required steps to get the entire Nubile residence team certified to handle tube feeding.

Beyond the nursing staff, all employees working at the Nubile A&B residences truly went above and beyond to help accommodate this new need and adjust schedules accordingly. In recognition of all of the great work everyone had done throughout the transition, Marlene took the initiative during a staff meeting to create a surprise thank you party for all the staff. She took the time to cook, bake, and buy things out of her own pocket to acknowledge the staff efforts. She decorated the table with the Life’s WORC Values puzzle pieces in acknowledgement of the staff’s commitment to these values during this tough time. In addition, she gave individual goodie bags to each staff with the words “Great things happen when U put the pieces together – Life’s WORC.”

Marlene herself is a true example of how everyone at Life’s WORC lives our values, and the commitment to not just the people we support, but to each other that is present among the staff here. Thank You Marlene!