Resources to Help a Loved One with Special Needs Understand COVID-19


How to Explain COVID-19 to a Loved One


Webcomic exploring the COVID-19 outbreak


Tips on Being Home with Your Child During the COVID-19 Outbreak


Social Story Explaining the COVID-19 Outbreak


Coping Guides & Strategies

Fighting boredom The following listing was compiled from various sources online.


CDC Resource on Helping Children Cope with Stress, includes tips for parents, tips for kids & teens, and tips for school personnel. These can be transferrable to different roles (people supported, caregivers, and residential support personnel).


American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Guide on How to Talk to Your Child About COVID-19


CDC Resource aimed at adults for coping with the stress of the COVD-19 outbreak


CDC Guide on managing your emotional health and self-care


CDC Guide on helping children & teens cope with a natural disaster, includes worksheets.


American Psychiatric Association Guide On How to Take Care of Ourselves During the COVID-19 outbreak


Resource for healthcare providers, families, and organizational leaders on how to manage stress during the COVID-19 outbreak, contains fact sheets from various organizations.


Fact sheet from Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress:  How to Take Care of Your Family During Coronavirus and Other Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks


American Psychological Association Tip sheet on how to view the coverage of the Coronavirus


Podcast episode on managing anxiety that arises from the Coronavirus



National Child Traumatic Stress Network Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the COVID-19 outbreak.



Fact Sheets on the COVID-19 Outbreak

American Academy of Pediatrics fact sheet on the COVID-19 outbreak


World Health Organization Fact sheet on COVID-19



General Pandemic Resources

American Psychological Association directory of general resources to use during a pandemic