We Love Our DSPs!

In recognition of the amazing support staff here at Life’s WORC, we go a step beyond the traditional DSP Week and celebrate DSP Month! Below are some examples of the outstanding support professionals we have the pleasure of working with, who go above and beyond to care for the people we support.


Filomena Residence

Vaughn Thomas: Vaughn comes to work every day with a smile on his face and enthusiastic hello for all members of our household. The people who live at Filomena look forward to his arrival, as well as staff. Vaughn has a great sense of humor and makes everyone’s day that much more enjoyable. He takes the time to touch base with each and every person and they trust and ask for his assistance and guidance. Vaughn has been giving extra support and put in extra hours to enhance JPe’s relationship with family members who live in Westchester and worked with him to advocate, coordinate and accompany JPe to his family’s home. We want to recognize Vaughn for his ongoing efforts and let him know how valued his contribution is to the home.


Karahn Jenkins: Karahn’s quiet persistence, patience and understanding in working with resident Ray has enhanced Ray’s willingness to engage others, answer questions, and exercise and live more independently. Ray enjoys daily excursions into his community with his biggest advocate. Karahn is the consummate team member working well with everyone he encounters. We want to recognize him for his ongoing efforts and let him know how valued his contribution to the home. 


Lucy Gensman: The residents at Filomena could not have been luckier than the day Lucy walked in the door. Her love and care for each person in the home is truly unsurpassed, from coming in in the morning on her days off to see everyone, giving of her personal time during individual hospitalizations, giving a wakeup call to JPe, or bringing in a thoughtful present for someone or something for the house because we need it. Lucy is among the most thorough AMAPs we have, and her mind is always on the health and safety of all those she cares for. She has worked in the Filomena residence since its opening and is an integral part of every new employee’s training. We wanted to recognize Lucy for her ongoing efforts and to let her know how valued she is to the home.


Borer Residence

Sabine Cadet: Special words from the parent of a resident: I would like to take a minute to say how happy I am that my daughter Jackie has such a wonderful one-on-one support professional to work with her. Sabine is so patient with Jackie and really understands what she is all about. This is the second summer that Sabine accompanied Jackie on her vacation, and Jackie feels very comfortable with her and they can have fun together. Thank you Sabine!” It is for this level of dedication that we would like to recognize Sabine for her dedication to Life’s WORC and the people we support.


Doris Dezago: “[My son] Peter liked Doris from the moment she started to work at Borer,” said one parent. “She speaks to him, not at him, and her patience and understanding of him has made him more capable of bringing out the best of himself.  She has taught him how to cook more, rather than just making salads, and he has impressed his dad and me when on home visits – he knows the various utensils by name. He gleams when he says each and every one., and he loves watching the cooking shows. When he becomes upset, which is not often, she knows how to calm him with her firm and calm voice. She is definitely an exceptional employee and we look forward to having her share in Peter’s life.” Thank you Doris!


Maria (Ann) Turner: More kind words from Peter’s family: “Maria has been accompanying Peter to his various physician appointments. She knows he loves music and will play tapes of various performers he likes as well as Broadway shows. They will sing together on their trips and this reinforces his speech. All of his physicians have remarked to me how Peter and Maria connect, which is fantastic.  hey all have mentioned how thorough her notes are, as it makes their job easier.  When she leaves their offices, the staff will say they look forward to seeing her again. She is fantastic.” Thank you, Maria, for exemplifying the Life’s WORC Values!


Jeanae Stephenson: Jeanae has been a part of the Borer team for 3½ years, and has proven herself to be an excellent DSP and a reliable co-worker.  We can always count on Jeanae to help out when times get tough – during stressful snow storms, for example. She is always willing to do what is best for the residents to keep them safe and happy, and they look to Jeanae to spend time with them doing fun activities including being a go to staff to accompany individuals on much needed vacations.  She motivates them to step out of their comfort zone in order to have fun and will advocate for them when necessary.  We appreciate Jeanae and all of the good work that she has done and will do for Borer.


Ashley Baker: Ashley has been a DSP at the Borer residence for almost 4 years. In that time she has shown an immense amount of compassion for the residents, and is always quick to help them with their everyday needs as well as to help them with bigger goals.  She has volunteered numerous times to adjust her schedule in order to take them to shows, special events and even vacations. The residents trust Ashley, enjoy her company and know that they can depend on her to help them through challenging times and tasks. Here at Borer we are all very grateful for Ashely and all she does for the good of the house and the people we support.


Community Habilitation

Shelly Groves: Shelly has been with Life’s WORC in the Community Habilitation Department for a number of years, and has become one of our most reliable and adaptable team members. Throughout her time here, Shelly has successfully been able to work with a wide variety of people with unique needs and capabilities. She is able to use her work and educational experience to help successfully push the people she works with to their utmost potential. Currently, Shelly is working with three different cases and has built excellent rapports with each of them, and has been able to act as a strong advocate for them when necessary. It is remarkable how she is always willing to go above and beyond to help the people she serves in the best way that she can. The Community Habilitation Department would like to thank you Shelly, for your many years of commitment, professionalism and compassion! Keep up the good work!


Claremont Residence

Shanee Lofton: In the words of the residents she works with: “We are so lucky to have you as our med counselor. You ensure we have our medication and take us on our medical appointments, and you truly advocate for our wellbeing. You encourage us to be healthy by making healthy choices and exercising. You help us with showering and laundry and take us out places – we especially like the park. You are very caring and treat us nicely. You spend extra time with us working extra shifts. You celebrate holidays and birthdays with us. You truly protect and take care of us, and you are very special to all of us.” Thank you, Shanee, for your continuous support ant dedication to the people we support at Life’s WORC.


Maurice Michel: We would like to thank Maurice for his continued support at the Claremont, East Islip and Islip Terrace residences and recognize him for his dedication to the people we support at Life’s WORC. Here’s what the residents had to say: “We would like to say thank you for all you do to support us here are Claremont. You have been with us for seven years and you take the time to pay close attention to the smallest details (cleaning out razors, etc.). You always ensure that we have the best made oatmeal and boy do we love it! You assist us by ensuring that we are healthy, encouraging healthy choices and exercise. You assist us with our medications and laundry, and you chat with us while we sit outside on the swing. You always have a smile on your face and make sure that we are always happy.”