Winter Activities and Accomplishments

This winter has been a busy one for our Day Habilitation programs!

Garden City
Our Garden City program recently participated in the Self Advocacy Conference hosted by FREE to learn more about individual rights and advocating for themselves. Everyone had a great time!


Recently two groups participated in a presentation with professors from NYIT School of Management Joshua Bienstock and Stacey Baez. The presentation was about how to survive difficult interviews at various locations. Some of the key points that the professors spoke about were: if the applicant is qualified, motivated and is a good fit for the organization/ team they are applying for. They went into detail on what to do at interviews and questions that you can ask while you are being interviewed. The groups were very interactive and asking multiple questions that will benefit the on future. They groups enjoyed hearing about interviewing from a different prospective. Both professors enjoyed the groups and will be coming back soon to conduct other presentations.

In addition, Francis Kim a Financial Accounting professor from Stony Brook University, who is also the father of a participant here, visited the program in March to present the History of Financial Accounting. He explained what accounting is and how it has been used for centuries. He stated that accounting is a way to keep track of money that you give and receive, and that before technology, cavemen used to draw pictures of the goods they were selling. The groups enjoyed this presentation because it was a way for them to understand the basics of accounting and see how things can be tracked on a daily basis. Many people in the group work at very big companies and they now understand what goes on what the items that they sell at their store and how it is being tracked. It was also very nice to have a parent come in and speak to them about what he does.



Keeping up with all of these educational programs is made even easier when the group also has an opportunity to sharpen their computer skills! We recently had an opportunity to take a computer training class presented by Microsoft, and everyone learned a lot from the experience!


East Rockaway
A group of participants from the East Rockaway program performs for the Monica Village senior center ever- other month. A performance was held on February 27, 2018, and the theme of it was love songs. The performers as well as the seniors love this show as it gives them a chance to interact with each other in addition to enjoying the performance they worked so hard to create.


Recently a parent of a program participant come in to teach everyone how to paint. We bought the canvases, and supplies and had a small group participate in this special event. The paintings all came out great and everyone had a wonderful time.


Also this winter, our programs were asked to participate in creating a centerpiece for the Legislative Breakfast taking place on March 9, 2018 at Queens College. The group decided to make a 3D origami swan as their centerpiece. Many people contributed whether it was cutting, folding or constructing the piece. Everyone enjoyed the activity and expressed that they would like to make something similar Mother’s Day!


Old Bethpage
The participants in our Old Bethpage program were treated to a unique opportunity at the Apple Store this winter. They were invited in for a special workshop on building their resumes, and got to check out some of the newest technology while they were there. It was a great experience for all!