Winter Employee Spotlights

“Neither snow nor rain, nor heat nor gloom of night” may be part of the Post Office’s motto, but it applies to the dedicated staff at Life’s WORC as well! This winter was quite a snowy one, creating challenges for travel, excursions, maintaining homes and property, yet our team not only met the wintry challenges head on – they went above and beyond for the people we support! Below are just a few highlights.

Day Habilitation

Last month Queens Village Day Habilitation Direct Support Professional Miya Bass took her group to visit the NYPD 106th Precinct. Miya comes from a family of NYPD officers and wanted the people she supports to get a glimpse inside the precinct and meet a few men and women in blue. The ladies enjoyed the opportunity  of getting to tour the precinct and speaking with the officers.

Miya is currently a contestant on The Voice and everyone at the site is so excited to see their DSP perform on television. She is a real life example for the people she supports that with hard work and perseverance your dreams can come true. Pictured left to right: Miya Bass, Cheryl, Veronice and Arlene.


Jane Munro is the supervisor of the Queens Village Day Habilitation program. She is a team player, an advocate for the people she supports and a role model for others. Jane has expanded the senior shopping program from one to four seniors, and the coordinator of SNAP emailed the program director to say Jane and her group go above and beyond to assist with shopping.  She added that out of all of the agencies she works, with Jane and Life’s WORC have the best communication and professionalism she has encountered. Jane is a valued member of the Queens Day Services team. Thank you!


Veronick Watson, from our East Rockaway Day Hab program, stands out as an employee who goes above and beyond. She has maintained a perfect attendance as well as created a “Healthy Club” and incorporated healthy eating tips and fun exercises to work on with the people in her program. Veronick put together a weekly journal for the participants which entails water intake, healthy meals and snacks and exercises they can do at home. She also brought in her own cook books to share and has meaningful conversations on what healthy meals to cook in the upcoming months. She is an asset to our program!


Community Habilitation

Ovidio Restrepo has been working with Life’s WORC since September2017, and has proven himself to be a tremendous addition to our team. He maintains a very close relationship with those that he works with as well as their families. He is very compassionate and enthusiastic about the role he plays in the lives of those that we serve, and is eager to provide person-centered service. Ovi carries out the values of the agency in a way that people within the community have acknowledged the work that he does and the positive reflection that it has with the person he works with. A restaurant owner made the effort to tell the person’s family that the work Ovi is doing is exceptional and it shows that he brings out the best in the young man that he works with. The Community Habilitation Department would like to thank you Ovi, for your outstanding performance.


Calandra Dillard has been a dedicated Community Habilitation Support staff since 2011. She works closely with several families on ensure that the people we serve are attaining their goals. She has shown herself to be a great advocate as well as a great support in helping their voices be heard within their communities. Calandra has shown an understanding that it is not only about the regular/typical goals, and has been instrumental in getting several of the individuals together for a shared interest in group activities. This allows for the possibility of the people we serve establishing friendships outside of their daily routines. They have gone to dances, the Barclay’s Center for sporting events, various recreational activities and community outings in the neighborhood. Calandra always goes above and beyond, which shows her level of commitment. She has also been a champion for Community Habilitation and Life’s WORC by providing several employment referrals who currently work for the agency. The Community Habilitation Department would like to thank you for Calandra. Your hard work and efforts are appreciated.


Medicaid Service Coordination

We would like to recognize all of the Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) team for their dedication and hard work during this time of transition. As MSC changes over to CCO (Care Coordination Organization) the Life’s WORC team is also transitioning to the Advanced Care Alliance. As with most changes, there are challenges, but our team as banded together and is working hard to adapt to the changes while continuing not just to meet, but to exceed the level of service to those utilizing their services. Thank you all!