Medicaid Service Coordination

They can lead successful lives. We can help.

At Life’s WORC, we believe that with the right supports and services, people with developmental disabilities can lead successful lives in the community, consistent with their own needs and desires. Our Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) helps them do just that.

How can MSC help?

  • The MSC uses our Person-Centered planning approach to develop, implement and maintain an individualized service plan (ISP) designed to help the person achieve their unique goals, whether those include finding a job, widening their circle of friends or enjoying leisure activities.
  • MSC promotes choice, individualized services and personal satisfaction. Our Medicaid Service Coordinators help connect people with disabilities and autism to approved support and services in their communities.
  • Through regularly scheduled visits to the person’s home, school, day or community program, the coordinator helps the person with disabilities explore what they want and need in life—and then assists them in meeting those objectives.
  • ISP progress is reviewed twice a year to ensure the person is working toward their goals and living as independently and productively as possible.


To find out more about how Medicaid Service Coordination can help your loved one, contact us.